At 2.5 in. wide (65mm) the Pykamo ball is larger than the traditional golf ball. This makes it easier to strike it just under its equator to give it proper lift.


Made of foam, it will not hurt or damage heads or windows. This characteristic has allowed for the creation of many fun games that can be enjoyed securely.


The weight and density of the ball allows for its use outside where it will react to wind sensibly the same way as a real golf ball does, except that it will travel a much shorter distance (max. of about 30 yards).


Beyond its safety factor, its greatest quality is its behaviour along a gym floor. Indeed, that the stroke be a chip or a putt, the Pykamo ball behaves like a real golf ball on a green.


To our knowledge, this particularity is unique to the Pykamo ball and has allowed us to develop games that will help hone the fine motor skills that makes a good golfer.