Pykamo also features more than 50 exciting activities and exercises.  Designed by a golf professional and a physical education teacher, Pykamo is a complete system for learning and mastering this great game. A learning experience you can enjoy again and again.


The Pykamo iron has a hollowed-out head that reduces its overall weight. Parts of the head and the entire shaft and grip are coated with a flexible elastomer, which lessens impact in case a player is accidentally hit.




Designed for left- or right-handed players. The putter becomes one with the ball for better performance.



Tee-off plate

Pykamo’s super-versatile tee-off plate instantly turns any flat surface into a tee. For left- or right-handed players.



Tee-off markers

So you can easily mark off the area for your golf course. In just a few minutes, you’ve got a course ready for playing.



Putting cup and flag

You can place a golf hole anywhere you want. Simply set out the cup and you’ve got a “green”...and an exciting golf challenge... right in front of you.



The Pykamo golf ball

It takes the right sort of golf ball to make the game a real challenge. The Pykamo ball is specially designed for safe, enjoyable playing.



Ball markers

K6, K12 and K25 sets include ball makers to mark the ball’s position for putting. Markers come in different colours to match the colours of the balls and prevent any confusion.



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